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Random thoughts on the next generations

Oct. 22, 2023

I was thinking how odd it is that many Millennials and GenZers are embracing far-right and Christian Nationalist ideologies but then I realized that their parents are also conservatives and they tend to have far higher birthrates than the progressives, not to mention these children of conservatives were more likely to be homeschooled or educated in parochial or Christian schools.

This is a classic case of multiplication through children, just as birth rates often correlate to the growth/decline of Christian denominations.

This is happening all while the progressives have had fewer children or no children at all over the past three decades.

At this rate, short of many young people defecting from their parents' political ideology, the demographics alone will favor the ultra-right-wing candidates in future elections.

This also nicely explains why they are now obsessed with conquering the school systems across the U.S. Much of that defection occurs at public schools and in colleges. Gaining control of school and college boards and removing "woke" ensures their children's continued ideological and religious loyalty.


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