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ChatGPT wrote a wild story for me

Feb. 13, 2024 (Updated Feb. 21, 2024)

I could not sleep last night so I made ChatGPT (Turbo 4.0) generate a story from a few prompts and it quickly turned into a cutesy rom-com mess of a dystopian and utopian future. I spent only about $3 on this (costs go up as the story goes longer, as all the preceding text becomes part of the prompt by which ChatGPT builds the story upon them).

(An AI imagination of how Emily and Alesha look. It looks like Alesha twisted her arm. Emily lovingly inspects Alesha's arm. Done with RealisticVision 5 on Aitubo. Who wouldn't like being cared for by them?)

(An AI conception of Lara's therapy yurt. Done with RealisticVision 5 on Aitubo.)

(An AI imagination of how Kristen looks. Also done with RealisticVision 5 on Aitubo.)

The Re-Education Hour

Now in a format of your choice!



Web browser readable (on Notion)

(An AI conception of the Revolutionary Constables. Done with RealisticVision 5 on Aitubo. I have no idea why their midriffs are all showing. Also: Are they twins?)


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