The Infinitus

A preliminary basic information page

(Last updated: July 29, 2023)

The Infinitus is a newly emerging community of faith and spiritual life that is centered on neurodiversity. This is the next step in my vision for ministry that began in 2019. We are nondenominational, independent, and autonomous.

The Infinitus seeks to be a "hybrid" and "decentralized" community. This means there will be both virtual and in-person manifestations of the Infinitus and as we grow as a community, leadership and management of localized communal expressions will be in the hands of local members.

To become part of this community, we have a private Matrix space (with purpose-built rooms), which is invitation-only at this time. In addition, we maintain an open, public chat room.

As we are still in the early stage of development, please check back to learn more about the Infinitus and its visions and missions.

The Infinitus open chat

Note: The Infinitus, while closely related to my spiritual direction practice known as Mind Geographic, is a separate ministry. While the latter is more of a fee-based business operation, the former is meant to be community-driven. It is also hoped that income from the latter will help finance the former.

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