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No-cost theological and biblical studies resources

Many neurodivergent people find the topics of theology, biblical studies, studies of religions, philosophy, and ethics interesting, even if they do not necessarily believe in them uncritically. At the same time, they often find conventional schooling extremely challenging.

Here I have made a list of no-cost resources that offer college-level lectures and courses. They can be accessed from anywhere with access to the Internet.

Please note that most of these institutions are very conservative theologically and politically, as they tend to be the ones who are more willing to offer free educational opportunities that they believe would advance their missions and objectives. Nevertheless, even within such institutions, professors and academics are less likely to be doctrinaire conservatives or fundamentalists, and you will find many of their offerings quite valuable for your education. Please use critical thinking and discernment, as always. I do not necessarily endorse them as institutions, or their positions on a variety of issues.


(This list is current as of July 6, 2024.)

Graduate Theological Union's GTUx

GTUx is the online extension program (open courseware) of the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) in Berkeley, California. This is an interreligious institution and perhaps the most liberal of all programs listed here. GTUx consists of an extensive collection of video lectures from a very diverse community of lecturers.


Dallas Theological Seminary Global Institute

Founded in 1924, Dallas Theological Seminary celebrates its centennial this year and counts many well-known names as its alumni, including Chuck Swindoll, Andy Stanley, and David Jeremiah. While DTS is non-denominational, it has had a profound influence on the development of American Evangelicalism, including its emphasis on dispensationalism and biblical inerrancy. Recently rebranded "DTS Global Institute" offers a wide array of free courses on the Bible, ministry, and theology.

DTS Global Institute


BiblicalTraining, based in Lebanon, Oregon, is a non-denominational and "broadly evangelical" digital ministry offering free college-level courses featuring distinguished professors from world-class seminaries and universities. Certificates are available (for a fee). In addition, college degrees are offered through Okanagan Bible College through affiliation (subject to OBC's tuitions, fees, and policies).


CBN/Regent University

Regent University and Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) offer a 6-hour course on how to read the Bible, taught by Regent professors. Regent University was founded by televangelist Pat Robertson, so that should tell you about its theological and political bent.

CBN Courses

Hillsdale College

Over many years, Hillsdale has gained a reputation as a bastion of far-right thoughts. The college often makes public statements in support of extreme conservatism. Nonetheless, their free online course platform has a lot to offer if you are interested in classical philosophy and theology. Of particular interest to learners of theology are: "Ancient Christianity", "C.S. Lewis on Christianity", "Introduction to Western Philosophy", "Introduction to Aristotle's Ethics", "Western Heritage: From the Book of Genesis to John Locke", and "Theology 101: the Western Theological Tradition."

Hillsdale College Online Courses

Christian Leaders Institute

Unique among all the institutions listed here, Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) of Spring Lake, Michigan, not only offers free college-level courses in theology and ministry, it also enables students to earn transferable college credits, as well as certificates, diplomas, and undergraduate degrees (the degrees are not available in all states). CLI currently holds a "candidate" status for accreditation by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) and has a number of articulation (credit transfers) agreements with other universities and colleges. The course offerings are very extensive and also include several general studies courses. CLI claims to be non-denominational and Evangelical, but most professors appear to be from the Reformed (Calvinist) traditions and accordingly Calvinism is the predominant theological bent at CLI.

Christian Leaders Institute

Thirdmill Institute

Thirdmill (short for "third millennium") is a ministry creating high-quality courseware to meet the global need for theological education. Thirdmill's multimedia course materials are used worldwide by churches, schools, and Bible colleges. The video curriculum is open to everyone. A structured free diploma program is also available, although this is geared toward local churches that are willing to form a small group learning community.

Thirdmill video seminary curriculum
Thirdmill Institute (must join a Learning Community)

The Opened Bible Academy

This program appears to be in-person and in Texas, but an interview with an OBA instructor mentions a live virtual class as well.

The Opened Bible Academy
An interview with instructor Rick Hale

Honorable mention: School of Business and Technology

While the School of Business and Technology (SOBAT) is a business school, not a theological school, it deserves a mention here because it offers college-level courses in business and social sciences leading to certificates, diplomas, and degrees, much like CLI. Based in Lucerne, Switzerland, SOBAT delivers courses through its Moodle platform (also very much like CLI).

School of Business and Technology (SOBAT)


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