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Willow's Now Page

2024-06-14 (Today is the 30th anniversary of my high school graduation.)

- Since 2021, I have been in a ministry school and working toward a three-year diploma in divinity. A lot of other things have gone to the backburners. As of June 14, 2024, I have earned 72 credits (GPA 3.883). I am currently taking the homiletics class (4 credits) and "Women and Leadership in Early Christianity" (3 credits). After these, I only need to complete 16 more credits to graduate with a Diploma of Divinity.

- I have "soft-launched" (I really dislike that term, "launch," but for want of a better word) Infinitus Ministries.

Infinitus Ministries

- I am gardening again.

- I'm relearning art, now in digital form. I bought a Wacom Intuous tablet some time ago. Also: I am trying to reestablish a habit of creating art on a regular basis!


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