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2024-04-04 33 years ago
2024-03-10 Claiming a letter
2024-03-06 ChatGPT wrote a wild story again!
2024-02-26 Turning the tide on drug policy: Why re-criminalizing is not the answer and the urgent need for health-centered approaches
2024-02-25 Recipes from re-education
2024-02-25 ChatGPT wrote a wild story for me, again (It's a spinoff!)
2024-02-23 Willow's HDR reviews
2024-02-20 From a utopian romantic comedy to a long-term policy direction
2024-02-16 Caution if you're a Chromebook Linux user
2024-02-14 ChatGPT wrote a wild story for me
2024-01-11 What am I anyway?
2024-01-01 Calendar
2024-01-01 New year reflections
2023-10-22 Random thoughts on the next generations
2023-10-16 Some quandaries
2023-09-30 How the Millennials of both sides are fueling violence and division online
2023-09-08 How to increase Bible engagement
2023-08-26 Summer recap
2023-05-17 One year!
2023-04-29 On finding my equilibrium
2023-04-20 What's up Willow?!
2023-04-19 A nonbinary option: Some thoughts from ChatGPT
2023-04-08 Holy Week reflections
2023-03-28 Fun with Artificial Intelligence: AI-generated art 1
2023-03-24 Love the sinners, hate the sin?
2023-03-22 A brief statement regarding my past involvement in a cult
2023-03-21 Taking visions with ChatGPT
2023-03-17 How artificial intelligence builds ultimate police state
2023-03-16 Right think, different think?
2023-03-11 What is privilege?
2023-03-09 Not feeling feelings for a long time
2023-03-07 For such a time as this
2022-11-08 The state of American politics on this election day
2022-11-08 On Christian Nationalism
2022-11-08 Quick updates (Nov. 8, 2022)
2022-05-20 Gemini: bringing the sense of wonder to the Internet again
2022-05-19 Toxic partisanship and failure of democracy: How political parties became threats to the United States, and why democracy's days are counted
2022-05-19 older blog posts
2022-05-18 At the end of the road
2022-05-17 White Cat Black Spot
2022-05-17 cat of love